8 Ways to Make Money Online While Working From Home

8 Ways to Make Money Online While Working From Home

There are a number of ways to make money online starting today.  The options that we are going to list below include options that can be done while working from home. 

Most people want to create multiples sources of income and diversify their income.  Some people cannot leave their home and are looking for ways to start an online business. 

There are some legitimate ways to do this, whether you are looking to start out and earn a part-time income, or if you are looking to go all in and earn a full time income online.

Let’s take a look and examine some methods.


1) Getting Paid to Test Apps.

Developing apps takes time and costs money.  App Developers hire and pay regular users to test out their apps, by downloading them, testing them, and having them write reviews.  Appcoiner is a platform that allows people to test and review apps while getting paid to do it.

Apps can be anything from photo related apps, productivity apps, or even games. You try out the app and provide your feedback.  The more apps you review and test, the more opportunities you have to make money.  If you already spend time using your cell phone apps, this might be an option to look into.


2) Make Money on Kindle

Many people have heard of Amazon Kindle books.  But did you know that you can actually make money publishing your own eBooks?

While some people decide to publish their own paperback books, a lot of publishers today are switching to Amazon’s Kindle eBooks, where they can sell their eBooks on Amazon and share their knowledge and experience with everyone.

Are you an expert in a specific field?  Writing a book about it and sharing it with others is a way to profit from your knowledge.

Kindle Money Mastery (also known as K Money Mastery) is one program that teaches people how to make money online and earn a passive income with Kindle publishing.

You can learn how to identify a profitable niche that you can write about, how to select the right category for your new book, and how to properly market your new creation.


3) Making Money Talking

Can you actually make money by talking?  Voiceover work is another option.  It can be done while working from home and producers are constantly looking to identify new voiceover talent.

Use your voice and ability to speak to your advantage to make money.

This program called VOGenesis teaches people how to earn money becoming a voiceover artist and what is needed to have a career in this field.

If you can speak English and record yourself talking, this is one option for you.


4) Using Social Media Like Facebook and Twitter

Did you know that you can make extra cash online by doing social media tasks?

Companies are hiring people to manage their own social media accounts including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Social Media Consultants or Social Media Managers can fulfill these common tasks.

Different things you could be doing include posting comments on Facebook, liking and posting comments on YouTube, sending out new tweets, or managing an entire social media campaign.

If you have any experience using social media, companies will have a need for you to help with Paid Social Media Jobs.


5) Doing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing involves becoming an affiliate and promoting other peoples’ products online.

Most companies out there have affiliate programs that you can sign up for.  Some companies will require you to sign up directly to their affiliate program, while others may use an affiliate network to manage their affiliate programs.

What types of products can you promote?  There are affiliate programs for almost all types of industries including dieting and weight loss, fitness and muscle building, self help, business and investing, education, sports, travel, along with a number of others.

Some affiliate products will be digital products and others will be physical products.  Depending on your interests, you may decide to promote either one or both of these types of products.

Where do you start with Affiliate Marketing and learning how to earn money online?

Super Affiliate System and Affilorama were both created to teach people how to learn affiliate marketing.


5) Sell Products Online Wholesale and Dropshipping

E-commerce, or buying and selling products online is another popular option.

You find the types of products that you would like to sell and then identify which low-cost suppliers to obtain these products from.  Once you obtain the product, you resell the product online and profit from it.

Salehoo is a popular Wholesale and Dropship Directory that many people use.  With Salehoo, you can discover and compare different types of products and see which ones have the best to offer.  From there, you can find the right suppliers where you can get these products at the best prices for you to be able to sell.

Did you know that there are more than two million products out there you can start selling?

Being able to quickly find the right dropshipping and wholesale suppliers is key.


6) Start a Woodworking Business

Do you like working with your hands?  Do you like building or creating things?

This method isn’t completely online (since you will be working with your hands) but it can be run from your own home.

Starting a Woodworking business involves creating and selling easy-to-build items and wood crafts.

You don’t have to be a professional or an expert in carpentry to get started.

A program like WoodProfits will walk you through all the tools and training that is necessary to get started in this kind of home based business.


7) Trade Cryptocurrencies

Buying crypto and selling crypto.  You might already be familiar with popular cryptocurrencies out there like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

People have been making money through trading of these types of coins.  Both Bitcoin and Altcoins have become very popular these past few years.

While some people decide to buy and hold, others decide to buy low on on a dip, and then sell when the price is high.

You could use something like Coinbase or another trading platform to learn and get more into crypto.


8) Forex Trading

Forex Trading involves buying and selling foreign currencies.

Forex is also known as Foreign Exchange or FX for short

Who exchanges foreign currencies?

Everyday people including individual traders as well as banks, corporations, and institutional investors can trade foreign currency.

Forex is a massive and huge trading market.

A high profit Forex Indicator like this could be used to generate profits.


As you can see, there are a number of ways and methods that you can use to start working from home and make money.

Whether you are looking to make a full time income online or something part time to supplement your current income, see what works best for you and then invest your time and resources into what you enjoy doing the most.

You can visit some of the links provided in this blog post to find out more information and pick what’s right for you.

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