How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other peoples’ products online to earn a commission.

Products you promote can be for individual people, such as an eBook or course created by an industry expert.

Or the products can also be for companies that have their own products.

Affiliate offers can be for both digital products and physical products.

You might be wondering how to make money with affiliate marketing online today.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the common steps to follow to start making money with affiliate marketing.


Decide on Your Niche

Your niche is going to heavily determine what types of products you are going to end up promoting.

For example, if your niche is weight loss, you will be promoting products that relate to losing weight.

Just like trying to lose weight, picking the right niche for you and your interests is going to be important to ensure you stick with it.

If you are not sure what niche to go with, start doing keyword research to determine what keywords you should be focusing on.

Having the right keywords will give you ideas on what you should be writing about in your niche.


Set Up a Blog

In order to start making money with affiliate marketing, you are going to need a site or blog for your customers to visit.

Your blog serves as your platform.  It is where your potential customers will go to find out more about what you are offering.

On your blog, you will be writing blog posts about your niche.  Your posts should relate to the affiliate products you are trying to promote.

For example, if you are writing a blog post about the best ways to burn fat, you might include an affiliate product that discusses how to properly burn fat the best and safest way.

To set up your blog you will need:

A CMS – Content Management System.  WordPress is the most popular CMS out there for blogs.

Web Hosting – hosting to host your new blog.  Bluehost is a popular hosting provider, and very affordable if you are just starting out.


Decide on What Affiliate Products To Promote

What affiliate products will you be promoting to make money?

Do some research to determine what are the best products to promote.

After all, you do not want to be promoting bad products, as this will reflect poorly on your blog.

A quick way to get started is to join an affiliate network.

An affiliate network is a network that contains a wide variety of affiliate offers to choose from.

Product owners or vendors will list their products for sale on an affiliate network.

Joining an affiliate network will allow you to promote multiple affiliate products, and will give you access to a wide variety of products.

A popular affiliate network for promoting digital products is Clickbank.

Clickbank allows you to promote all types of digital products online within different industries.

Meanwhile for physical products, Amazon offers their own affiliate program you can join.

Another option is to join a company’s affiliate program directly.

If there is a certain affiliate program you would like to sign up for, you can do a Google search for Company/Product Name and “affiliate program”.


Produce Content on your Blog and Include Your Affiliate Links

Now is the time to start building up your blog.

Write about your niche.  Write about things that your readers would find interesting and helpful.

Within your blog posts, you can place affiliate links to the products you are looking to promote.

Don’t try and place too many affiliate links.

Always ensure that your articles and posts are providing value to your readers and recommend affiliate products when it would be most beneficial to your readers.

The affiliate products you promote should help solve a problem for your readers.

For example, if your article discusses a problem to something, your affiliate product should become the solution.

Each blog post you write can have a link to a helpful affiliate product.


Have Your Readers Opt In For More

You always want to stay in front of your readers and audience.

Once they leave your site, you want to ensure that you have a way to stay in contact with them.

On the side of your blog and end of your blog posts, you can place an Opt In form to have your readers subscribe to your email list.

Building an email list is all part of Email Marketing.


Email Marketing

With email marketing, you can contact your customers at any time.

Email marketing is another popular way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Send out valuable and helpful content to your email subscribers on a regular basis.

By doing this, you will be establishing a relationship with your subscribers and be able to convert them into customers.

You can also send out emails promoting affiliate products that you would recommend.

If the affiliate product would benefit your readers, let them know.

Include a link in your emails to the affiliate product you are promoting, which will direct them to the sales page.

Also, you can include a link to a blog post you have written to bring the reader back to your site.

You can test out different types of landing pages to see what will work best for conversions.


Paid Traffic

This is another way to make money with affiliate marketing.

You can pay for traffic on popular sites such as Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, and YouTube.

Have this traffic direct back to your landing page or squeeze page.

You will want to have your readers Opt In and subscribe to your email list.

From here, you will be doing email marketing to stay in touch with your contacts and market your affiliate products.

Your subscribers might not purchase from you right away which is Ok.

Continue to provide them with relevant and helpful content.

Build a relationship with your subscribers and recommend quality affiliate products.


Conclusion – Where to Go From Here?

This post should have given you a better idea of how to make money with affiliate marketing.

It all starts with deciding on what type of niche you are going to target.

From there, you will be setting up your own blog, writing blog posts, and promoting your affiliate products on your site.

You will want to use email marketing to maximize your profits and continue to make more money with affiliate marketing.

If you are not sure where to go from here, you can always invest in an affiliate marketing training program.

One popular program that discusses how to utilize paid traffic in affiliate marketing is Super Affiliate System.  You can read the Super Affiliate System Review here.

Another popular program to learn affiliate marketing is Affilorama You can read the Affilorama Review here.


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